Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hudson's First Birthday!

Oct. 18 was Hudson's first birthday. I can't believe it and have no idea where this year has gone! He had a great Elmo party with some family and friends. He didn't know whether to touch the candle...

And of course the best part....the CAKE!!!!

Columbus Day Fun

Tanner, Dawson, Hudson, Grandma Field, and I decided to venture out to the Wildlife Zoo for the day. It was a great day to go and it was Hudson's first adventure to the zoo. He loved the animals from a distance but wasn't quite sure when we got up close, especially in the petting zoo!

We started the day with a hike up our little mountain nearby. Taylor insisted on going, so Dawson and Mom joined in the fun. Although Taylor decided to run most of the way, Dawson and I eventually caught up and enjoyed the view together.

Ugh! Not Again!

This is #5 broken bone for the boys - Taylor's second. Will it end? Poor Taylor basically threw out his arm pitching - but yes, we have been very careful with how much he throws etc. He had to get used to writing with his left hand as well as having to "watch" his team play - sad!

Don't Mess with Me!

This is Dawson's first year at tackle football. He always seems to have the "don't mess with me attitude." With two older brothers, he didn't have to much of a problem with learning how to be aggressive. The pads were an adjustment and conditioning wasn't his favorite thing but he got through it and is enjoying his experience.