Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Taylor's First Day of School

Taylor is the big
man on campus this
year - 6th Grade!

Last Year Taylor & Dawson will be in School Together

As I took this picture I realized this will be the last year they will ever be in school together. Sad!

Dawson's First Day of School

Dawson posing for his annual first day of school pictures that mom insists on taking. He was ready and excited for 2nd grade.

First day of HIGH SCHOOL!

Ugh! Monday was a hard (but somewhat exciting) day sending Tanner off to his first day of high school. Am I really that old? I think I was more nervous than him. I am learning quickly that boys just don't analyze and worry like sometimes us girls do. I kept asking him if he remembers where to go etc. and of course I had eyes rolling at me. However, I'm grateful to be sending off to high school such a great boy!
Taylor enjoying Hudson in the sand.

Yum, Yum!

Hudson's First Experience in the Sand

Hudson loved his first experience in the sand. He obviously thought it tasted real good. He found lots of little pieces of seaweed and sticks for dessert as well.

Hudson enjoying the lake with his cousin Kiley and Dawson. He did NOT enjoy the confining lifejacket!

From the beach to the Lake

We spent a wonderful day at the lake with the Crumps. Lots of tubing and knee boarding.

They all had a fun time hanging out at Avila Beach. Lots of memories for mom as well since this was one of the beaches I would go to as a child.

The boys were also surprised when we met the Crumps and cousin Laney there. They enjoyed hanging out with 3 of their cousins and Uncle Jim and Aunt Michele.
We were definitely outnumbered as D-back fans at the Dodger Stadium - although D-backs did win!

Catching a Dodger's game in California

On our way to the central coast in California, we suprised the boys when we ended up at the Dodger stadium for a game against the D-backs. The funny thing was that when we were stuck in traffic, Taylor saw the exit "Dodger Stadium" and yelled, "Dad! Dad! Let's get off here - lets go to the stadium!" Of course they were thrilled when we stayed - we can't do anything without some sort of baseball being involved!